Red North Carpentry + Structure Testimonials

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The Red North crew were fantastic. Highly skilled, professional, easily interacted with owner, architects, engineers, and other trades. They executed technically difficult general construction (framing, flooring, structural reinforcement, exterior insulation, etc.) that had to fit perfectly with other elements including structural steel columns, glass curtain wall, flat roof, masonry, etc. They possess a strong work ethic, were efficient, and had all the right tools - superb experience with them.

W. (Bill) Sommers
President/Chief executive officer
Criti Care Inc.

Red North was a pleasure to work with. I really appreciated their positivity and thoughtfulness towards the project. Their attention to detail and craftsmanship kept me confident and relaxed throughout the build.

I look forward to working with them much more in the future.

John Duerksen
John Duerksen Architecture

Red North is truly the most talented group we have had the pleasure of working with. They are knowledgeable and take pride in the quality craftsmanship of their work. Keeping current on best building practices and ensuring they are exceeded in every way. We value and appreciate their communication skills and ability to work with all trades positively. Red North is always attentive to the details. We highly recommend them and look forward to so many exciting projects!

Joe and Rosemary Cappellano
Dlux Design Co J & R Tile

In October of this year, I required a contractor to work on our residence, the work was required as the exterior deck membrane over a portion of the garage had failed over the past 15 years and was leaking moisture into the garage below.

Our neighbour had some construction work done shortly before, and highly recommended Red North to me, and I subsequently contracted the work to them on a time and material basis. The scope involved removing the composite decking and membrane, inspecting the sub-deck and structure below for failure, making good all the components and re-installing a new membrane, sleepers and decking.

I found Brent and Zane knowledgeable, skilled and excellent at determining the problems and the required solutions. I felt their dealings with me were done with gull integrity, were economical, and were carried out within the time frame we had agreed to.

I therefore have no hesitation in recommending them for similar work, but am also confident that any work they undertake, would be carried out with the same professionalism.

John C Petersmeyer
Retired architect

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