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Brent earned his Red Seal from Red River College, graduating with honours in 2013. He is passionate about the craft and about creating long lasting results. Brent has a sound knowledge of the many tasks that a carpenter/contractor must respond to. His start was in residential framing and has since worked on exterior renovations of some of Winnipeg’s finest homes.

Red North is an extension of Brent’s belief that a good carpenter can make home-building a great experience for the client.

Brad Wiebe

  • Level 2 Apprentice Carpenter

Brad currently carries the title of level two carpenter. That doesn’t give insight into the years of experience and knowledge he gained prior to becoming indentured. Brad takes pride in every step of the build process, with a work ethic forged on a farm in rural Manitoba. He is an indispensable team member.

R. Zane McKinnonOwner

Zane earned his Red Seal from Red River College, graduating with honours in 2014. He has a drive to continually grow as a craftsman and as a small business owner.

Building beautiful homes requires not only hands-on skill, but also the ability to communicate and collaborate with the client and other professionals involved in the build. Zane takes pride in managing the challenges that arise with economical and innovative approaches.

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